The Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide Is Now Available!

The first edition of the Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide is now complete and ready for download! This resource features packaged goods, beverages and desserts and confections created by Montgomery County food artisans. 


Encouraging residents and businesses to eat and drink locally is central to the Food Council’s mission of creating a more robust and sustainable food system in our County. There are extensive economic, health, and environmental benefits of eating locally: we support businesses in our community, create jobs for local residents, consume products of greater nutritional value, and minimize our carbon footprint.  We hope this first-of-its-kind Montgomery County publication will generate interest and promote business among consumers, wholesalers, retailers and restaurateurs in the area.

Click on the following link to download a digital copy: Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide. Printed guides are available at various locations throughout Montgomery County, including Bethesda Green (4825 Cordell Ave., Suite 200, Bethesda), Dawson’s Market (225 N. Washington St., Rockville) and Bethesda Central Farmers Market (7600 Arlington Rd., Bethesda).

To be included in the Spring 2017 edition of the Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide, submit your company information via our Google form linked below. Please note that the Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide is limited to food and beverages made in Montgomery County or food/beverage businesses headquartered here. Companies must have a product currently in production. Business entries are subject to verification.