An Inclusive Potluck

On Friday, February 19th, the Food Literacy Working Group (FLWG) Meeting gathered for a special-themed potluck: dishes inclusive of restrictive diets. There were gluten free dishes, dishes without dairy, and various vegetarian options. Below are some of the great recipes prepared by the Working Group members. Wendy Bazil of Healthier Kitchen, Winter Farro Salad "This recipe is a riff on one I’ve been making for years. for the Food Literacy working group potluck, I wanted to make something ve...

Healthy Eating for Kids

Lynn Rubin leads a Nutrition Education discussion
On Tuesday, May 19, the Food Council’s Food Literacy Working Group held their annual Public Meeting on the topic of “Healthy Eating Initiatives for Montgomery County Children.” More than 50 attendees gathered at the Silver Spring United Methodist Church to learn about how local organizations are promoting the healthy eating among the county’s children. The evening started with a light supper made from recovered food, consisting of roasted vegetable soup, chutney, dehydrated fruits, and muffin...