A Visit to Eisentelli Farmette

Susan Eisendrath

The “Eisentelli Farmette,” the Garden of Susan Eisendrath and Joe Libertelli (a hybrid cultivar labor of love), is a north-side, mostly front yard, deer-fenced, 3,000 or so square foot organic garden on a cul-de-sac nestled above Rock Creek Park at the confluence of Sycamore and Rock Creek streams. On Friday, August 12th, Food Council members were invited for a special look at the farmette that was inspired by Susan’s volunteer work at the Derwood MG Demo Garden.

The farmette grows 27 different kinds of vegetables, 10 kinds of fruits including Pawpaws and an assortment of herbs including Hops. It has many native plants in a xeriscape rock garden; a shade garden with a few Ramps and 5 varieties of ferns. It also grows some non-natives including 5 varieties of sunflowers and Shiitake mushrooms. It hosts a honey bee hive, uses a rain barrel, manages productive compost piles, uses compost, and grows cover crops.

The visit included a taste of the garden, such as a vegan basil/garlic/walnut pesto; a hot sauce-olive oil/salt paste with their garlic/5 varieties of hot peppers, and a sautéed lamb’s quarter dish.

A special thank you to Susan & Joe for welcoming us to your farmette! 




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