April 1-7, County-Wide Health Fair for National Public Health Week

The County’s Department of Health and Human Services, in partnership with Healthy Montgomery, is planning a county-wide health fair to recognize National Public Health Week (April 1 -7).  Rather than a traditional health fair in one location, organizers are asking neighborhood associations, health organizations, schools, businesses and other government agencies to host health-related events throughout the county.   From health symposiums and screenings to a health display, no event is too large or small.  Any group in Montgomery County can participate.  If an event already is planned during the first week in April, please register it so that it will count toward National Public Health Week.  The goal is to host the “world’s largest health fair”.

All events will be publicized on social media and other communication outlets.  Join organizers in this opportunity to focus on health by registering events at NPHW Register Your Event.  Groups that register by March 15 will be invited to participate in a proclamation presentation on April 2. For more information about National Public Health Week, visit http://www.nphw.org.  For more information about Montgomery County’s events, plus tools and ideas to get started, visit www.healthymontgomery.org or contact Amina Faizan at 240-777-1704 or by email to Amina.Faizan@montgomerycountymd.gov.