Apply Now for the 2022 Farm to Foodbank Capacity Building Grant!

Apply Now for the 2022 Farm to Foodbank Capacity Building Grant!

A limited number of grant awards of up to $10,000 are available to assist Montgomery County food producers for projects that build the production capacity on their farm! Please see below for details on how to apply for the Farm to Foodbank Capacity Building Grant’s 2022 cycle. This Program is a collaborative effort between the Montgomery County Food Council, Manna Food Center, and the Montgomery County Office of Agriculture. 

You can find the online grant application here. Please register here for the virtual information session on Tuesday, November 15, 1:00-2:00pm. For those who can’t attend the information session, it will be recorded and sent to all who registered. 

These County government-funded grants assist Montgomery County-based food producing farms in purchasing equipment, and/or building food production capacity and infrastructure in order to contribute to the Montgomery County Farm to Food Bank program in 2023. An entity is eligible to apply if it is a food-producing farm located in Montgomery County, MD, and will make a good faith attempt to sell to the Farm to Foodbank program in 2023. Farms that have not been previously awarded Farm to Foodbank Capacity Building Grant funds are especially encouraged to apply. Please submit only one grant application per farm.

Application Range: Up to $10,000 for increasing farm capacity to plant, harvest, store, distribute, and/or deliver shelf stable or refrigerated farm produce for human consumption. This year, we have a total of $125,000 to award. Smaller amounts than requested may be awarded.

Timeline for 2022 Grant Cycle:

Please note, we are not able to fund ongoing maintenance costs, staff salaries/general farm labor costs, mortgage/leases, insurance, or existing technology subscription renewal.

We can fund expenses in the below general categories:

If awarded, applicant must:

Grants will be scored based on the following rubric: 

Farm to FB Capacity Building Grant Scoring Rubric 2022 Maximum Points
Cost estimates are provided in the budget narrative/budget spreadsheet for specific item(s) to be purchased 10
Budget is detailed, based on cost estimates, and reflects additional associated costs including installation, circuit upgrades, utility costs, and insurance 5
The application clearly describes how these assets will be financed/maintained in the long term 10
The farm has a long-term plan/timeline for leveraging the project to increase food production. 5
The application clearly and specifically describes the purpose of this project 10
The farm has a demonstrated need for this infrastructure/equipment/supplies/etc. 10
There are specific, actionable plans for purchase and use of the requested resource 5
This project will significantly increase the applicant’s capacity to provide food to the County’s food assistance provider network 5
The farm has demonstrated readiness to be able to use these funds within the designated time frame (December 2022-August 2023) 10
The location/specific space for this resource has been identified and the farm has a plan to secure any necessary permissions (ie: if land is leased, the farm has a long term sustainability plan) 5
Farm has not received funds from the capacity grant program in previous years. 10
This project will increase availability of culturally diverse food products in Montgomery. County 5
This project supports gender/racial/ethnic diversity in the agricultural community 5
This project supports sustainable farming practices. 5

Please contact Lorien MacAuley with the Montgomery County Food Council ( with any questions. Click here for general information about the Farm to Foodbank program.

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