Learn about the Food Recovery Working Group

Claudia Rios Phelps, Family Services Inc.
“Participating in Food Council efforts, and partnering with member organizations, has given us the ability to further help our clients fight food insecurity.”

Learn about the Food Access working group

Jenna Umbriac, Manna Food Center
“If we are coordinated enough to recruit enough people who care, we could make a big impact on Montgomery County’s food system.”

Learn about the Food Literacy working group

Elizabeth Hubley, Holistic Health Coach, Siena Wellness
“Our recent public meeting brought over 50 people to discuss healthy eating initiatives for children and featured 12 local organizations doing this important work.”

Learn about the Food Economy working group

Sophia Maroon, Dress it Up Dressing and SoFine Foods
“Our food system – especially as it directly affects families, children, health, education, healthcare – is a major economic driver in the region equal with tech and biotech.”

Learn about the Food Recovery working group

Tony Marciante, Chef Tony’s Fresh Seafood Restaurant
“As a food professional and lover of cuisine, I want to have some sort of impact on my community with relation to food, farms, people, etc…”

Learn about the Food Literacy working group

Lindsey Parsons, Real Food for Kids-Montgomery
“I enjoy having a leadership role in a body that represents the interests of those in the county who would like a more local, sustainable food system.”