Michelle Nelson, Montgomery Parks
Food Literacy Working Group

“We are building capacity around agriculture, food waste, nutrition, cooking, education, and much more. Having multiple experts in the room, allows for greater impact and more cross sectional work to be conducted.”

Kim Goddu, Bethesda Green
Environmental Impact Working Group Member

“The Environmental Impact Working Group has the chance to work on some the Counties most pressing food issues such as food waste and composting.”

Christie Balch, Crossroads Community Food Network
Food Recovery and Access Working Group Member

“We have a critical mission to increase healthy food access for those who need it most–an issue I am passionate about. FRAWG’s work is critical to the health of our residents.”

Susan Callahan, Hospitality and Tourism Management Program at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore at the Universities at Shady Grove
Food Economy Working Group Member 

“We have the opportunity to focus on the chefs, farmers and food producers in our county. We want to convey to the county who those hard working people are and the advantage of buying local.”