June 28, Food Security Plan Update

Join us for our Food Security Plan Community Update on June 28th, from 9:30am-noon in Rockville!

At this annual Community Update, you’ll hear about newly developed initiatives that serve our County’s most vulnerable populations, including the Senior Hunger and SNAP Outreach Program and the Screen & Intervene Toolkit, as well as community engagement activities such as the series of listening sessions on food access barriers for residents with children under 5 and those with mental health disabilities. Our Food Security Community Advisory Board adds our community’s voice to the design, development and implementation of Food Security Plan recommendations.

In addition, you’ll hear about the Food Council’s Food Recovery and Access Working Group (FRAWG), which brings together food assistance providers from across the County to create a community of practice that integrates local and regional efforts into the work of community, nonprofit business and government stakeholders. FRAWG has three Subgroups, dedicated to exploring initiatives such as the creation of a nutrition standard for food assistance providers, the need for and availability of culturally appropriate food in the County, and the importance of screening and referral for food insecurity in health care settings.

Last but not least, this event will include an update from CountyStat on the new datasets, dashboards and layers that have been added to the FoodStat data analysis platform, which will serve as a two-year baseline to assess the impact and reach of food distribution and access in the County, and establish data-driven strategies and investments to foster efficiency and build capacity in underserved areas.

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