November 5, Food Security Virtual Training Series: Nutrition Standards

The relationship between good nutrition and positive long term health outcomes is clear. Food insecurity (including the consumption of food containing “empty calories”) leads to increased risk of obesity, high blood pressure and hypertension in adults, as well as depression and inability to focus in children and youth. This session will explore strategies that food assistance providers can utilize to implement simple changes to their programs and services in order to encourage participants to access the most nutritious food options available to support their long term health outcomes, as well as share the many food education resources that are available to residents of Montgomery County. Register for this session on 11/5 (11am-12pm) here. This session is led by, Annmarie Hart-Bookbinder, Project Leader and Nutrition Educator, University of Maryland Extension, Food Supplement Nutrition Education Program; Katherine Donnelly, Nutrition Education Coordinator, Capital Area Food Bank.