Board of Directors

The Food Council Nominating Committee selects and appoints nine representatives for one- and two-year long terms as Montgomery County Food Council Board Members.

Rick Chessen

Elisabet Eppes

Elisa Gonzalez, Ph.D.


Mike Houston

Board Chair

Evelyn Kelly

Kate Medina


Joan Schaffer

Jessica Josephine Synkoski

Carmen Poston Travis

Vice Chair

Council Members

Mary Bennett

Lisa Büttner

Marla Caplon, R.D., L.D.

Rebecca Chavez

William Clements

Anh Doan

Kelly Doordan

Monika Driver

Carol Adaire Jones

Johanna Mendelson Forman, PhD

Jennifer Freeman

Monica Goldberg

Mike Houston

Daniela Hurtado

Nancy Brenowitz Katz, MS, RDN

Emma Layman

Elizabeth Leach

Gabriela Massie

Angie McCarthy

Agar Mbianda

Amanda Nesher

Marko Rivera-Oven

Laurie Savage

Netta Squires JD, MSL, CEM

Lynn Rubin Traversa

Alumni Members

The Alumni Circle provides Food Council alums with a unique opportunity to continue to make a difference in the Montgomery County food system by staying connected to the Food Council’s efforts and serving as trusted advisors to the organization. Alumni Circle members will also have the opportunity to continue to benefit from the Food Council’s broad and deep network of subject matter experts, food system partners, and stakeholders.


Kimberly McBride

Wendy Nevett Bazil

Angie Whitmal

Paul Tukey

Sara Servin

Shaun Sawko

Vanessa Pierre

Cristin Cooper

Eleni Antzoulatos

Jenny Brown

Jackie DeCarlo

Jim Dempsey

Susan Eisendrath

Sharon Feuer Gruber

Mark Hodge

Thu Huynh

Dave Lambert

Kathy Madaleno

Jerry Martin

Tessa Mork

Aizat Oladapo

Shelley Rae Rudick

Tanya Spandhla

Dick Stoner

Susan Topping

Jenna Umbriac

Bart Yablonsky

Upcoming Events

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Apr 22

SSL Earth Day Opportunity

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Apr 23

Speed Meet: Virtual Business Networking Event for Montgomery County

Join this speed-dating style mixer on Zoom and meet other entrepreneurs in Montgomery County (though all are welcome)!

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Apr 25

Equitable Land Access Working Group Meeting

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Apr 27

Montgomery County Green Fest

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