The Montgomery County Food Council is pleased to share the following resources with our stakeholders. Please contact us with questions and/or to receive printed copies of any of these resources.

Food Council Information

Overview of the Food Council (November 2018): This brochure provides an overview of the Food Council’s history, mission, vision, supporters, current initiatives, recent accomplishments, council members and working groups.

The Food Hub Study

The Food Hub Study (Full Report) (October 2016): Funded through a County Council grant, The Food Council, led a research project on the fiscal impact of a food hub in Montgomery County. The Food Council contracted Cultivate Ventures as the consultant to conduct a feasibility study on a food hub, including defining its potential structure, necessary resources, regional context, and next steps to present recommendations to local government leaders. The consultant’s findings are detailed in this 51-page report, entitled “Framing Food Hub Investment and Programming Opportunities in Montgomery County.

Summary of the Food Hub Study (October 2016): This two-page summary outlines the key elements of the Food Hub Study, including the study methodology, study findings, elements of a market-led approach and recommended next steps.

Food Literacy Resources:

Food Literacy Assessment (2019): The Food Literacy Assessment was conducted by our Food Education Working Group (FEdWG) between 2017-2019 to better understand the landscape of existing food literacy resources in Montgomery County, and to identify gaps in resources and barriers to providing and/or accessing services.

Food Literacy Assessment One Pager

Gardens Brochure (2016): We created a print brochure to educate school leaders of the benefits of and resources available for having a school garden. This brochure can also be customized for other facilities, such as apartment buildings or retirement communities.

Food Safety Resources (2018)

Rockville Gardens Program (2020): The City of Rockville has 159 garden plots, approximately 25 by 25 feet, available for rent at Woottons Mill Park for growing food and other plants for the season, April 1 to November 15.

Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide

2016 Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide (September 2016): This first edition of the Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide features packaged goods, beverages and desserts and confections created by Montgomery County food artisans. We hope this first-of-its-kind Montgomery County publication will generate interest and promote business among consumers, wholesalers, retailers and restaurateurs in the area.

2017 Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide (November 2017): This updated version of the Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide includes fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and other products from Montgomery County farms. We’ve also added information on where all products can be purchased and added engaging stories about the businesses to facilitate connections between the people in our community who grow and make food and their neighbors who eat it.

Food Access Resources:

The Community Food Access Assessment Report (October 2015): This report details the Food Access Working Group’s evaluation of access to healthy food among Montgomery County residents, especially in communities with limited access.

The Food Action Plan: coming soon




Environmental Impact Resources: 

-Composting FAQ Document (August 2019)

Composting Capacity Overview Document (June 2019)