The Montgomery County Food Council is pleased to share the following resources with our stakeholders. Please contact us with questions and/or to receive printed copies of any of these resources.

Overview of the Food Council (February 2017): This two-page summary provides an overview of the Food Council’s history, mission, vision, supporters, current initiatives, recent accomplishments, council members and working groups.

The Food Hub Study (full report) (October 2016): Funded through a County Council grant, The Food Council, led a research project on the fiscal impact of a food hub in Montgomery County. The Food Council contracted Cultivate Ventures as the consultant to conduct a feasibility study on a food hub, including defining its potential structure, necessary resources, regional context, and next steps to present recommendations to local government leaders. The consultant’s findings are detailed in this 51-page report, entitled “Framing Food Hub Investment and Programming Opportunities in Montgomery County.

Summary of the Food Hub Study (October 2016): This two-page summary outlines the key elements of the Food Hub Study, including the study methodology, study findings, elements of a market-led approach and recommended next steps.

Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide (September 2016): This first edition of the Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide features packaged goods, beverages and desserts and confections created by Montgomery County food artisans. We hope this first-of-its-kind Montgomery County publication will generate interest and promote business among consumers, wholesalers, retailers and restaurateurs in the area.

The Community Food Access Assessment Report (October 2015): This report details the Food Access Working Group’s evaluation of access to healthy food among Montgomery County residents, especially in communities with limited access.

The Food Action Plan: coming soon