Virtual Trainings for Hub Leaders and Food Assistance Providers

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To complement the efforts of the Montgomery County Food Security Task Force, the County Council, the Department of Health and Human Services and the many dedicated food assistance providers who have worked tirelessly to increase access to food for county residents during the pandemic, the Montgomery County Food Council will continue hosting a series of virtual trainings presented by local experts throughout 2022, to share information, best practices, tips and resources to assist those engaged in the COVID-19 food security response. Sessions will include topics such as SNAP Basics, Transportation Equity Programs in Montgomery County, Safe Operation of Emergency Food Distributions, and Nutrition Standards and Education. 

Please see below for a detailed description of each upcoming and recorded sessions. While this series is intended to share practical and logistical advice and support for those organizations providing food assistance in Montgomery County during the pandemic and beyond, the sessions are open to anyone interested in learning more about food security resources and best practices in Montgomery County. Registration for every session is not mandatory; please register for as many sessions as you are able to attend.

 Please see below for information and recordings from previous sessions 

SNAP Ambassador Training – WATCH HERE! (
This virtual training will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to help Montgomery County residents navigate SNAP enrollment. You will learn how SNAP works, the basics of eligibility and how to get help with the application process.
Capacitación de Embajadores de SNAP – ¡MIRE AQUÍ! (
Esta capacitación virtual, presentada por el Equipo de Extensión de SNAP del Consejo de Alimentos le brindará el conocimiento y las herramientas necesarias para ayudar a los residentes del Condado de Montgomery a navegar la inscripción en SNAP. Aprenderá cómo funciona SNAP, los conceptos básicos de elegibilidad y cómo obtener ayuda con el proceso de aplicación.

Keeping Food Safe to ShareWATCH HERE!
Many food assistance providers sort and share food that’s been donated/rescued from individual homes and food businesses alike.  Some of this food is past date, dented, or bruised and it can be difficult to know what to throw away and what to save.  Even with food that’s been purchased, there’s a need to inspect, store and often repackage this food in a way that best ensures its safety for sharing. In this webinar we’ll review basic food safety principles that apply to receiving, storing, and distributing and discuss challenges we may encounter in our goal to share safe, nutritious, and appealing food with our community.  Featured speakers: Cheryl Kollin and Annarose Kennedy of Community Food Rescue.  Co-hosted by the Montgomery County Food Council, Manna Food Center, and Community Food Rescue.

Erase the Doubt About Food Safety—WATCH HERE!
You’ve probably heard the motto “when in doubt, throw it out” and maybe that simple rhyme is guiding your decisions in the kitchen and leading to a lot of unnecessary food waste. In this webinar, we’ll try to erase, or at least minimize, some of the doubt around whether a food is safe to eat. Should you consume food from dented cans? How important is the date on that carton of eggs? Being able to more confidently answer these timeless and important questions can help you save money and protect the environment. We’ll also provide tips on what to do with safe, but surplus, food. Featured Speakers: Jenna Umbriac, Director of Programs, Manna Food Center Cheryl Kollin, Program Director, Community Food Rescue Co-hosted by the Montgomery County Food Council, Manna Food Center, and Community Food Rescue as part of National Food Waste Prevention Week and DMV Food Recovery Week.

Data Collection and Reporting: A New Tool for Food Assistance Providers–WATCH HERE!
In the fight against hunger, data collection plays a critical role in assessing need, identifying service gaps and deploying resources. This virtual training will provide you with an overview of a new Data Collection Tool recently unveiled by the Food Security Task Force to simplify reporting and make information more accessible. You will learn how to use this Data Collection Tool to assess your own impact and how the County uses collected data to craft policy, develop strategy and assess funding decisions. This virtual training is open to all Food Assistance Providers.

Intersection of Housing and Food Insecurity–WATCH HERE!
Food security and housing security are inextricably linked. With Montgomery County’s high cost of living, individuals often face difficult choices about how to spend limited resources, leaving them susceptible to both food insecurity and housing crises.  This virtual training will present an update on pandemic-related housing assistance, connect you with resources for clients facing homelessness, and provide information about how individuals experiencing homelessness can access food through prepared meals programs and federal nutrition benefits.  We will also look at the systematic changes and long term support needed to end homelessness in our community. Click here for a housing resource guide.

Featured Speakers:

Fresh Produce 101–WATCH HERE

Building a Resilient Nonprofit: 

This webinar is part of Nonprofit Montgomery’s Nonprofit Impact Series. Nonprofit Montgomery, Orgforward and the Montgomery County Food Council are partnering for this webinar, which will highlight challenges unique to food assistance providers. All are welcome, including organizations and individuals who are not currently engaged in food-related work.

Introduction to Food Assistance Resources in Montgomery County–WATCH HERE

Demystifying Data Collection

2020 Trainings: 

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