County Executive and County Council Candidates Share Their Views on the Local Food System

In anticipation of the Montgomery County Executive and County Council elections this summer, the Montgomery County Food Council invited all candidates to respond to a brief questionnaire on the County’s food system. A link to the online questionnaire was distributed to candidates via email on April 3, 2018. Below, you will find links to the unedited candidate responses that were submitted to the Food Council as of May 2nd. Please visit this page regularly, as additional responses will be uploaded when they are received.

The candidate questions were developed with partner organizations and community members that participate in Food Council Working Groups. Our goal is to provide information on the food system policy and program priorities and commitments of candidates for local and state office. As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we do not endorse candidates.

Nonprofit Montgomery will also be hosting a County Executive Candidates Forum on May 24. Learn more here.

County Executive Candidates:

Roger Berliner

David Blair

Robin Ficker

Rose Krasnow

George Leventhal

County Council Candidates: At Large 

Gabe Albornoz

Marilyn Balcombe

Cherri Branson

Hoan Dang

Evan Glass

Neil Greenberger

Seth Grimes

Jill Ortman-Fouse

Lorna Phillips Forde

Hans Riemer

Mohammad Siddique

Chris Wilhelm

Tim Willard

County Council Candidates: District 1

Pete Fosselman

Andrew Friedson

Reggie Oldak

Dalbin Osorio

Meredith Wellington

County Council Candidates: District 2

Tiquia Bennett

County Council Candidates: District 3

Sidney Katz

Ben Shnider

County Council Candidates: District 4

Nancy Navarro

County Council Candidates: District 5

Kenge Malikidogo-Fludd

For more information, please contact the Food Council at