Since early 2019, the Food Council has been coordinating and facilitating a Food Security Community Advisory Board (FSCAB), in which members are invited to share their experiences of food insecurity and their thoughts and perspectives on the County’s Food Security Plan, in addition to learning community engagement and advocacy skills which will be used to develop policies and action items that will guide the implementation of the Plan’s recommendations by the Food Council and its partners.

The Food Council thanks the community members and partners who have contributed to the success of the Food Security Community Advisory Board since its creation:

  • Theresa Bove
  • Gladys Range
  • Ashli Beasley
  • Charmaine Howard
  • Cynthia Wilson
  • Isaac Manchego
  • Vanesa Pinto
  • Matilda Adu
  • Michelle Rogers
  • Rhona Reiss
  • Sam Miller
  • Mary Simons
  • Ebonie Gadson
  • Mikal Abraha
  • Claudette Brown
  • Julie Resendiz
  • Elizabeth Umana
  • Evangeline Kirirgua
  • Katherine Sosa
  • Patricia Buenrostro
  • Beri Kari-Fonge
  • Milagro Flores
  • Yazmin Ramirez
  • Angelica DeSoto
  • Bruce Baker
  • Diana Tato-Niktash
  • Jennifer Renkema
  • Jenna Umbriac
  • Heather Bruskin
  • Allie Sklarew

“I am grateful I have an opportunity to serve in this board to advocate and brainstorm solutions for students who face food insecurity in our campus. The perspectives offered come from a diverse group to ensure no one is left behind in this war to eradicate food insecurity in Montgomery County.”

-Mikal Abraha, 2020 FSCAB member





Thank you to the Healthcare Initiative Foundation for supporting this program!

Upcoming Events

Jan 30-March 20

Master Gardeners: Free Gardening Presentations (Español)

Montgomery County Master Gardeners are offering three free gardening presentations in Spanish via Zoom!

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Mar 2

Environmental Impact Working Group Meeting

First Tuesday of each month, 9:30-11am via Zoom.

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Mar 2

Sustainable Food Systems Lecture Series

The UMD AGNR Sustainable Food Systems Lecture Series is kicking off on Tuesday, March 2nd at 6:00 PM with "Building a Localized Waste-free Food System One Apply at a Time".

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Mar 6

The Art of the Seed Start


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Mar 8

Food Security Community Call

Every other Monday, 1:00 to 2:00 or 2:30pm. Please register in advance.

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Mar 17

Food Economy Working Group Meeting

Third Wednesday of each month, 9-10:30am via Zoom.

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Mar 22-23

Basic GAP Training

Register now for a Basic Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training, open exclusively to Montgomery County farmers!

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Mar 23

Food Education Working Group Meeting

4th Tuesday of each month, 9:30-11am via Zoom.

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Mar 25, Apr 1, Apr 8

Growing a Healthy Food System in a Pandemic World

Western Maryland Food Council presents "Growing a Healthy Food System in a Pandemic World" virtual conference, 1-3:30PM March 25th, April 1, April 8.

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April 27, July 27th, Oct 26th

Gardening Grant Showcase

The Food Education Working Group (FEdWG) would like to cordially invite you to our Gardening Grant showcase that we will be taking place over the course of four (4) FEdWG meetings in 2021.

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