Since early 2019, the Food Council has been coordinating and facilitating a Food Security Community Advisory Board (FSCAB), in which members are invited to share their experiences of food insecurity and their thoughts and perspectives on the County’s Food Security Plan, in addition to learning community engagement and advocacy skills which will be used to develop policies and action items that will guide the implementation of the Plan’s recommendations by the Food Council and its partners.

The Food Council thanks the community members and partners who have contributed to the success of the Food Security Community Advisory Board since its creation. Click here to view the impact report.

“I love advocating and the board helps me with the needed information for the most vulnerable, the poor, and needy. The board helps me feel useful because being a member helps me impact my community that enables a healthy environment and growth. It also helps me improve on my leadership skills through intellectual exchanges and expanded networking to initiate the support that is beneficial to my community.” – Matilda Adu, 2020-2021 FSCAB Board Member

“For me, being apart of FSCAB means SUPPORT. The opportunity to serve on the Board allowed me to gain essential knowledge and skills that I can use to advocate for my community, as well as support with my local initiatives. I am so grateful to have been apart of this experience and the invaluable connections I have made along the way.” – Vanessa Pierre, 2020-2021 FSCAB Board Member

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