2020 Policy and Programs Recommendations

These recommendations are intended to serve as a guide for Countywide food system advocacy efforts in 2020. The Food Council’s 2020 initiatives will be driven and informed by these priorities, and we share them to serve as a guiding resource to foster systems-based, collaborative strategies for all policymakers, community advocates, and local leaders in the coming year.

These recommendations synthesize the findings from the Food Council’s 2019 initiatives, through which we gathered community insights and identified best practices on a wide range of food system issues. More than 500 Food Council and Board Members, Working Group participants, event attendees, community partners and stakeholders, and Food Council staff collaborated through site visits, roundtable discussions, data analysis, surveys, special events, and more to develop the recommendations below, which reflect our core priorities of equity, community, and economic and environmental sustainability. 

Please click here to view the 2020 MCFC Policy and Program Recommendations document.