Food Council Welcomes Eight New Members

We are pleased to announce that eight new members have been selected to join the Food Council. These new members possess a wealth of expertise in local food issues and have demonstrated a commitment to improving the food system in Montgomery County. The new members include a nutritionist, food security experts, a cooking instructor, a community development professional, an event planner and a restaurant association professional. Their two-year terms began on January 1st, 2017. The new members are:

  • Wendy Bazil, Culinary Instructor, Young Chefs and Healthier Kitchen
  • Jeff Clark, Conserve Program Director, National Restaurant Association
  • Jim Dempsey, Consultant in Food Security and Agricultural Development
  • Eileen Dykes, Registered Dietitian and Food Safety Educator
  • Sasha Ernest, Maryland Regional Manager, Capital Area Food Bank
  • Sarah Miller, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation
  • Stacey Miller, Associate Director of Special Events, Montgomery College
  • Ryan Walter, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, The Compost Crew

The eight new members join a twenty-five member board that provides leadership and guidance on how the County can address challenges and seize new opportunities in order to become a leader in innovative, sustainable food system development. Members also facilitate one of the Council’s four Working Groups, which are subcommittees open to the public focused on addressing specific components of the local food system, or serve on a Council internal management committee.

We would also like to thank our outgoing Council Members for their dedication and commitment to the Council. The following outgoing Council Members have served the maximum number of terms and have made tremendous contributions to the Steering Committee: Victoria Edouard, CPA and Family Farmer, served as Co-Chair of the Steering Committee for two years, and as Treasurer for two years; Laura Howard, Community Benefits Program at Kaiser Permanente, served as Chair of the Development Committee and on the new Council Member selection committee; and Kim Robien, Associate Professor, Milken Institute of Public Health at George Washington University, served as the Chair of the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee, as Co-Chair of the Food Access Group, and she was a co-author of the Community Food Access Report. Also ending her term is Elizabeth Hubley, Holistic Health Coach, Siena Wellness, who served as the Co-Chair of the Food Literacy Working Group for two years. The Food Council thanks our other outgoing Council Members, Marcia Greenblum, Senior Director of Health and Wellness, International Food Information Council; Steve Mannino, Corporate Chef, Chef Geoff’s Restaurants; and Andrey Ostrovsky, CEO, Care at Hands, Inc.

Food Council Chair Daniel Hoffman thanked those that have served on the board and welcomed the new members. “We are extremely grateful for the valuable contributions that Vicki, Laura, Kim, Elizabeth, Marcia, Steve and Andrey have made toward advancing the mission of the Food Council to cultivate a robust, sustainable, local food system in Montgomery County. We welcome our new Council Members and greatly appreciate the food system expertise and diversity of perspectives that they will bring to the Food Council.”

Click here to learn more about our new and returning Council Members.