Our goal is to develop and sustain an economically viable local food system.

We represent and support all stakeholders including:

  • Farmers, producers, food entrepreneurs
  • Chefs and restaurateurs
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Consumers of local foods

Working Group Initiatives

  • Facilitate networking, educational, and business development opportunities for Montgomery County food and beverage producers and farmers
  • Expand the MoCo Made program to engage new stakeholders (producers, retailers, buyers, restaurants, etc.)
  • Educate local consumers about and encourage support of the MoCo Made program (MoCo Made Days, MoCo Made Happy Hours, and other events)
  • Promote local procurement opportunities in County institutions
The Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide

We create an annual, comprehensive guide for all Montgomery County food and beverage products that highlights the diverse array of food and beverages produced by farms and kitchens located in our County or made by businesses headquartered here. Our goal is for this Montgomery County publication to generate interest and promote businesses among consumers, wholesalers, retailers and restaurateurs in the area. The 2019-2020 Guide may be downloaded here: Montgomery County Food and Beverage Guide.

The MoCo Made Brand

The 2017-18 Food and Beverage Guide formally launched the new MoCo Made brand, created in partnership with the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation to celebrate and increase the visibility of our county’s vibrant local food and beverage community. The MoCo Made brand is currently being rolled out to farmers’ markets, farms, supermarkets and other retail locations around the County, so look for the MoCo Made logo and MoCo Made events to support our local businesses and residents!

Supporting Local Sourcing Opportunities

We are working with the Office of Agriculture and the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation to examine ways that the Working Group can support the farming community and increase local procurement through advocacy and partnerships.

To learn more about becoming a MoCo Made retailer, please email info@mocofoodcouncil.org.

Recent Events:

MoCo Made Happy Hour Series
We introduced the MoCo Made Happy Hour Series in 2019 to bring together community partners, MoCo residents, and state and local leaders in support of the local food and beverage sector. Each Happy Hour event is hosted at a MoCo Made brewery, winery, or distillery, and features food sampling and sales from 3-5 MoCo Made food vendors and/or farmers. Check out our events page to see when the next Happy Hour will be!

Food is Opportunity Day
We co-hosted Food is Opportunity Day in partnership with the Universities at Shady Grove in February 2019, which featured Montgomery County producers of packaged goods, beverages, desserts and confections. The event also included two educational panels for students and businesses to learn more about taking advantage of opportunities within our local food system.



Judy StephensonJudy Stephenson is a resource for individuals starting new food and beverage businesses in Montgomery County. As the Montgomery County Small Business Navigator, Judy helps small businesses in their  interactions with County Government. Businesses contact Judy with questions about County licenses, permits, regulations and contracting opportunities.

Phone: 240-777-2012
Email: judy.stephenson@montgomerycountymd.gov

Build Capacity

Upcoming Events

Nov 30

Food Education Working Group Meeting

Last Wednesday of the month from 1:30PM - 3PM

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Dec 6

Environmental Impact Working Group Meeting

The first Tuesday of the month from 9:30AM-11AM via Zoom.

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Dec 12

Food Security Community Call

Second Monday of each month, 1:00 to 2:30pm. Please register in advance.

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Dec 20

Food Economy Working Group Meeting

Third Tuesday of each month, 10-11:30am via Zoom.

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jan 12-14

2023 Future Harvest Conference

Future Harvest has gathered leaders in regional agriculture for our annual winter conference where farmers come together for expert-led sessions, networking, business and crop planning, trend forecasting, and more.

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